Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote in overheardinri,
Jacob Haller

In the Brooks Pharmacy at the corner of Broad and Public Streets in Providence

Woman: "I won $50,000 last month -- Powerball. I was one number off from the jackpot. But it's all gone now."
Cashier: "Uh ... Well, if that happened to me, it wouldn't be gone. I'd still have some."
Woman: "No, it just slips away from you. I got $6000 just in tickets, getting pulled over all the time."

  • at the Everyman Bistro open mike

    "So where do you get fake mustaches in bulk, anyway?"

  • Stuck in the past

    "It's so cold out, Michael Jackson had to find his other glove." -- dude at the 7-11 on Broad Street. His buddies thought it was hilarious. (Also it…

  • office chat

    associate 1: and where is the client at right now? associate 2: Dubai associate 1: is that a country?

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